install openbravo wirabumi module

this how to will share how to install openbravo wirabumi module. openbravo wirabumi is a set of modules, developed by wirabumi software, provide you lots of general improvement on the top of openbravo. please <openbravo wirabumi> page to review complete list of enhanced features.make sure your previous customization are exported through

ant export.database

make sure your previous core modification are exported through

ant export.config.script

download openbravo module here. extract all files into modules folder on your openbravo installation folder.

merge org folder inside <openbravo home>/modules/org.wirabumi.gen.oez/srcClient into <openbravo home>/src
merge org folder inside <openbravo home>/modules/org.wirabumi.gen.oez/srcAdvpaymentmngt into <openbravo home>/org.openbravo.advpaymentmngt/src
merge src folder insite <openbravo home>/modules/org.wirabumi.gen.oez/srcClientApplication into <openbravo home>/modules/org.openbravo.client.application
compile openbravo wirabumi module:

ant update.database
ant apply.module
ant compile.complete.deploy

restart apache tomcat, login to openbravo using client role (rather than system administrator role). open role window. now you see document routing sub-tab, one of enahanced fetures available on openbravo wirabumi module


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