go live preparation

in this section I will show you what are necessary to be prepared before go live. its assumed you have done with all required customization, and client are ready to migrate to new system, openbravo ERP. in this phase you need to configure your Openbravo ERP, import all master data, and ofcourse load initial data.in case of load initial data, most ERP need one thing: initial balance! its include but not limited to:

  1. AR/AP balance
  2. inventory balance
  3. trial balance

however, befor all balances imported, you need to import all required master data, for example you can not import AR balance if no customer master data exists. openbravo 2.5 come with import data module out of the box. in openbravo 3 this module available in seperately. in another hand wirabumi has several improvement on initial data load functionality, so its better install openbravo wirabumi module, that contain import data module, rather than install openbravo’s original import data module alone.

after installing openbravo wirabumi. as mentioned before, you need to configure Openbravo ERP, follow this link.
once you have been done in configuring openbravo, can continue to importing master data and load initial balance, follow this link.

if you need reference in how to perform opening balance in openbravo, follow this link. its based on openbravo 2.5, but its applicable to openbravo 3

last but not least, its optional but often required, you can setup several role and assign user to appropiate role. follow this link to setup user roles.


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