add new employee

this post will show you how to add new employee to openbravo payroll. you may call this employee onboarding process. this process involve add new employee master data, define contract, assign employee to shift rule, assign employee leave, and setup salary configuration.

step #1 add employee

add new employee master data. open menu : application || human resource management || employee master. create new. don’t forget to put information on join date and estimated retirement date.

open sub tab address. create new to define employee address

open sub tab bank. create new to define employee bank account for payroll purpose.

open sub tab contract. cretae new to define employee contract.

after you define employee contract (with option applicable contract ticked), you can see in employee master header, now field on employment information updated.

step #2 assign shitft rule

assign employee to shift rule. shift rule required for overtime and leave validation process. to assign shift rule, open employee shift window (menu: application || human resource management || time and attendance || employee shift). create a new record there.

step #3 assign employee leave

assign employee leave, to define leave plafond for an employee. to assign leave, open employee leave window (open menu: application || human resource management || leave || employee leave)


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