Importing mondrian schema to Pentaho Business Analytic

insite Pentaho BI Suite (a.k.a pentaho business analytic/BA, a.k.a pentaho server), we can import mondrian schema, which contain cube defintion for our analytic reports. our BI developer can develop in development server, then deployed to production server. this deployment task is done by importing mondrian schema supplied by BI developer. this blog will show you how to import mondrian schema to Pentaho BA.

to import mondrian schema, go to home-page of Pentaho BA, then click manage datasource menu, then click gear icon on top right of the pop-up window, then select import analysis.

during import analysis, upload/browse your mondrian schema xml, and determine database connection used by this report.

once finished, click import. if this process completed successfully, your data source will appear like screenshot below:

you got that result, process import finished. you may click close button to close pop-up window. next you can create a report based on new datasouce just imported.



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