How to Upgrade Module in Openbravo

Openbravo module upgrade can be done directly inside Openbravo UI, just like regular software update. just make sure you have backup prepared by run ant -f snapshot.xml, also if you have prior custom development inside, you need to export all your customization by run ant export.database and ant export.config.script.

follow guiding pictures below:

  1. login as system administator, and go to module management.
  2. click add module.
  3. click browse file system.
  4. after uploading module (*.obx) file, click continue.
  5. click continue to read module’s license.
  6. click accept all license and then click continue.
  7. click OK.
  8. click rebuild now then click Yes.
  9. wait until build completed.
  10. restart tomcat.



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