we not sell Openbravo alone! InfiniteERP+ consist several open source project, plus our custom development, and also (mainly) equiped with our vast experience and certified subject matter expert. this 3 combination assure you get measurable benefit realization, 100% project delivery, high performance application, and robust yet flexible information system.
in anothe hand, we are not selling the tech, sience is worth for all humand kind. those, we never hide our code and algorithm. please check out, (and we encourage you) improve, this modules/project that built InfiniteERP+:



The purpose of this document is to describe the Functional and Technical Documentation for an extension module in Openbravo ERP called Wirabumi HR and Payroll (HRIS).

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document routing

This document describes how to install and configure Document Routing as a part of extenstion module in Openbravo ERP called Openbravo EZ.

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openbravo case management

case management

A Case Management platform shares much of the capabilities of a BPM platform but is more geared towards executing dynamic processes that can vary per instance and require knowledge to make decisions about the next step.

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openbravo data science

data science

Data science offer you a promising way to kick-start your analytics career. Not only you get to learn data science by applying, you also get projects to showcase on your CV.

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openbravo plantation module


Openbravo Plantation Module provide real-time information that covers the entire crop-to-product, block-to-bottle cycle.

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wirabumi openbravo pos

point of sales

Unicenta PoS (formerly Openbravo POS) is a desktop Point-of-Sale (POS) application for retail and hospitality businesses. This application is completely integrated into Openbravo’s ERP application.

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